• The School conducts various tools to access the student’s scholastic and Co scholastic progress in the school through the continuous comprehensive evaluation (C C E ) techniques as per C B S E Norms. Progress reports are sent to parents to apprise them of the pupils work and conduct in the school.
  • Progress report of the pupil should be signed by the parent or guardian. They are requested to examine the report cards carefully and see that their wards make special efforts in the subjects in which they are week.
  • The reports should be duly signed and returned to the Class teacher with in three days of receipt; otherwise the pupil will not be allowed to sit in the class
  • Progress cards after every assessment will be sent to the parents along with the remarks. The failure cards will be retained and the parents are expected to meet the class teacher during the next immediate Parents –Teachers meet compulsorily to sign. • The school may send communication to the parent, requiring their presence in the school. When such communication goes to the parent, they are requested to make a point to respond the call in the interest of the pupil
  • Only in exceptional cases like illness etc.; which are properly authenticated, leave of absence will be granted during the days of examinations. There will be re examinations in such cases depending upon student’s cumulative performance in the subject/s in the previous examinations.